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You Can Achieve Your Desired Level of Success as a Musician – with DeCarlos Garrison of Bandbasher

Do you find it difficult to make money as a musician? Does it seem like reaching your goals is a major struggle?

In this episode of The New Music Industry Podcast, I interview DeCarlos Garrison of Bandbasher, and he explains why it is possible for musicians to achieve their desired level of success, even today.

Podcast Highlights:
00:14 – Introductions
00:24 – What is Bandbasher?
01:00 – How does a musician get noticed?
01:35 – What makes the music industry so complex?
02:32 – What are the unique challenges experienced by musicians today?
04:01 – There are great opportunities for today’s independent musician
05:01 – Why is it important for musicians to understand the business side of music?
05:50 – Is it possible for every musician to achieve their desired level of success?
08:02 – Why create a business serving artists?
09:51 – How do you sell information in an age when it’s so commoditized?
13:22 – What are some of the biggest struggles you’ve encountered as an entrepreneur?
15:57 – What are some of the biggest victories you’ve experienced as an entrepreneur?
19:31 – Are there any books that have helped you on your journey?
20:39 – What tools and apps are you using to run your business?
21:37 – Final thoughts